MFA 6-6mm Universal Coupling

MFA 6-6mm Universal Coupling


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Product details

MFA 6-6mm Universal Coupling

• Single universal coupling
• To connect two shafts to get at up to a 45 degree angle
• To join two 6mm shafts

What size shaft can be used with the coupling?

The universal coupling can join two 6mm shaft at an angle from 0-45 degrees. Comes with fixings to ensure a secure connection. The universal coupler is ideal for model applications, hobbies and experiments.

Compatible shafts
MFA 6 mm Steel Shaft
Type Universal coupling
Manufacturer part code 1105/60
Shaft dimensions 6 mm and 6 mm
Maximum angle 45°
Outside dimensions 12.5 mm x 12.5 mm x 44 mm
Weight 10 g

Additional information

Weight 10 kg