Battery Holder: Li-Ion 18650 Battery Holder (1S3P) With 2.6″ long 20AWG & PCB

Battery holder: Li-Ion 18650 Battery Holder (1S3P) With 2.6″ long 20AWG & PCB (1S3P-18650)


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This Battery Holder is ideal for making your own 1S3P (3.7 Volt) Battery Pack, just insert your choice of 18650 Li-on cell and fit a connector, then you have a fully protected 1S3P Battery Pack for your project, without the need for soldering/welding of cells . 

Please note that after installing (or re-installing) the 18650 cell(s) you will need to connect the pack to a suitable charger of correct voltage to “activate” the Protection Circuit on the PCB otherwise NO pack output will be available – this is a built-in safety feature.  


18650 battery holder with PCB module designed for making 3.7V  Li-Ion 18650 battery pack in 1 series 3 Parallel configuration with 5.0A rate limited by PCB installed

Battery pack watt-hour = 3.7V x cell capacity

Each holder is design to hold 3 x standard (Flat top) 18650 cell (Do NOT use button top cell)!


PCB (5.0A limited, Manufacture part# PCM-L01S03-328) installed on front surface for protect the battery from

Overcharge (>4.2V)

Over discharge (<2.5V)

Over Drain (>5.0 Amp)

Short circuits


1S3P-18650: 2.6″ long 20AWG for charge/discharge terminal






(LxWxH) 80mm(3.14″) x 63mm(2.5″) x 18.6mm(0.7″)


0.8 Oz (20 grams)


Storage temperature: 25’C (77F,Room Temperature)

Max Operate temperature: 80’C (176F)


Click here to download the technical drawing


This battery holder is designed for standard 18650 (flat top) battery only!

Please don’t remove PCB installed on battery holder.

This battery holder is for only 1S3P battery pack

Please don’t combine battery holder for any series / parallel connection.

After insert battery(ies), must connect to charger to enable the pcb. Otherwise, you will get “no” output from pcb!

Li-Ion battery may be exploded if misuse.

We are not responsible for any damages or losses caused by misusing

Always charge battery with attention.

Battery pack shall be placed on a fire-proof place to avoid any accident

Please check battery polarity before plug battery into device.

Never make wrong polarity connection.

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