Kangaroo x2 Module

The Kangaroo x2 motion control module is the perfect way to connect up to 2 encoders and limit switches to Dimension Engineering SyRen and Sabertooth motor controllers.


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The Kangaroo x2 module is used to connect encoders and limit switches to Dimension Engineering’s SyRen and Sabertooth motor drivers. It accepts up to 2 quadrature encoders or potentiometers and attaches directly to SyRen or Sabertooth terminals.

The great advantage of this module is that it is self-adjusting, just press a few buttons and set a dip-switch. The Kangaroo x2 works with analog or RC sources but also with microcontrollers or computers.

You can control the speed, positions or combined commands such as “go 5 meters at a speed of 3 m / s”. You can also know the speed and position during the operation of your robot.


Power supply: 5 VDC

2 self-tuning PID controllers

Speed or position control

Feedback for encoder or potentiometer

Inputs for limit switches

Analog, RC and serial inputs


Sabertooth 2×12

Sabertooth 2×25

Sabertooth 2×32

Sabertooth 2×60

SyRen 10

SyRen 25

SyRen 50

Dimensions: 35 x 24 mm

Technical sheet

Kangaroo Manual

Kangaroo quick guide

Encoder calculator

kangaroo arduino

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